hydro Exploratory and Data Analytics Platform

Fully scalable integrated solution, with a built-in capability for evaluating complex and dynamic systems under the influence of agriculture, industrial and urban development. The Web Solution for Water Resources Engineers and Environmentalists.

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Main Characteristics:

  • Exploratory and confirmatory data analysis.
  • Uncover patterns and trends.
  • Reveals the hydrological underlying structure and model of data.
  • Data Curation.
  • Fully open for expanding Data Analytics capabilities
  • Remarkable Performance and Responsiveness.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning Services:

  • Data Analytics's ecosystem enables growth and scale of operation.
  • Centralized Machine Learning processing. Experts focus on modeling.
  • Rich repository of solutions can be created and shared.
  • Independent resources lowers Team Member's' cognitive load.
  • Pipelines Automation.
  • Ability to run Python and R scripts.